Monday, January 15, 2018

An Embarassment of Riches


Well, fresh off my wargaming haul from Christmas (which you haven't even seen yet!), I just got my birthday haul in the mail!  Two separate orders: one from Novus Design Studios, which cleverly ran a 40% off sale after Christmas that I just couldn't pass up, and the other from Pendraken in the UK, purveyor of fine 10mm miniatures.  This is the order that is my big project for 2018 that I've mentioned cryptically to a few of you (and inadvertently told one of you!).  I'll show ya a couple photos, and it's up to you to put the clues together and take your guesses as to what that project is (a hint: the Novus Design order has nothing to do with the Pendraken order, so don't get wrapped up around that).

The Novus Design, all in 15mm for my skirmish gaming, already unboxed: a bombed out building with shot-up train in front of it, three Russian houses, two supply dumps, two roadblocks, and a wooden bridge.  And a medium-sized, heavy-ass box.

A closeup of the Novus Design stuff.  Pretty cool, joining a sizeable collection from them.  Lots of work ahead of me getting these ready for the tabletop.

The big mess from Pendraken, unboxed, all dedicated to a single, massive (for me), project!  If you can't tell, I'm a bit excited.  Lots of work ahead of me for this, too...  What's in there?  Tanks, APCs, Recon, Command and Control, Mortars, Anti-Aircraft guns, and a whole bunch of infantry.

Just the tanks, ten per side.  What are those tanks?

T-62s and M-60s.  If they look a little goofy, it's because the tracks are separate from the hulls and I haven't cleaned them up or glued them yet, just kind of stacked them together.  The APCs are BTR-50s and M-113s.  So, what is it?  What's my big project?  The boy and I will be playing reinforced company-sized fights on a 6' x 4' table using a modified version of the Lardies' "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" rules.

Coming up as soon as I can get them painted and based ;)  I do have some modern skirmish batreps from Cuba Libre to share with you in the interim, post them as soon as I can.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

15mm Plastic Soldier Company WWII Project - Brits and Germans


So, in 2017 I started two giant (well, at least for me) projects, neither of which actually saw the gaming table even one time!!!  But I did make strides, and while a wise man would not push on to another giant project without having completed his previous two giant projects, I, Gentle Reader, am no wise man!  I will push on with these two, unfinished giant projects, and I will increase the difficulty level by adding one more giant project!  And, it shall be glorious!!! Some day...

Anyway, you've seen a number of posts with hundreds of photos of the first of my two giant 2017 projects: my 10mm Napoleonics project, of which I have been painting French and Austrians and, as of 31 December 2017, I have completed exactly 12 line infantry battalions, three light infantry battalions, two artillery batteries, and two cavalry squadrons for each side.  Plenty of work to do...

Regarding the other giant project, here it is:
This is what I have so far.  But what is it?

Little 15mm troops, guns, and vehicles from Plastic Soldier Company, both German and British/Commonwealth, for those grand fights in and around Caen, maybe even some Market in Operation Market Garden.  So above you see a pack of Sdkfz 251 halftracks that have been assembled and primed, but not finished yet...

I have completed a couple Shermans and a couple Panthers, with more assembled.  Then I found three Old Glory Stug IIIs lying around (hadn't seen them since 2010!) and an Old Glory M-10 Wolverine (same thing), but only one because the other two are too screwed up.  Again assembled and primed, but not finished.

All the British infantry I have completed so far, lots more in the box (close-ups coming below) needing to be assembled, primed, painted, and based.

All the German infantry I have done so far, with none left in the box.  As you can see at bottom left and right, there are plenty of Germans still not based, but they are at least painted.

Here are the two Shermans, or, rather, a Sherman and a Firefly, that I've completed.



And one more.

And here are the two Panthers I've finished.



Once more.

And the last one.

Here is the German overall commander, a Zvezda Sdkfz 222 and some PSC officer figures.


Other side.

I've got four 75mm PaK-40 anti-tank guns for ze Germans:

A look at an infantry Company Command stand:

A Platoon Commander Stand:

A Panzerschreck stand:

An MG-42 on tripod stand:

An 80mm mortar team stand:

And then we get to some infantry stands:
I still have so much work to do.  I need a lot more PzSchrecks, some German recce, prime movers for the ATGs, more halftracks, and more Panthers at the very least.

But let's get to the Brits:
The overall British command stand, with a Zvezda truck.


Another shot.

Once more.

And a look at the OC himself.  Yeah, OC, that's how they say it ;)

How about a 6-pounder anti-tank gun?

A Company Command stand:

A Vickers MG stand:

A British 3" mortar stand:

A British 2" mortar stand:

A British PIAT stand:

And we've come to the British infantry stands:
And that's that, for now.  I need more 2" mortars, PIATs, prime movers for ATGs, more Shermans, enough Bren carriers for a carrier platoon, recce, and the one that's troubling me most, transport for the Brits.  I don't know what they should have: should I buy halftracks or trucks?  I know there are plenty of you British vehicle experts out there, so please tell me: if I'm running a generic force that has Shermans and Fireflies, would their supporting infantry be more likely to have trucks or halftracks?  Thanks in advance!

As you see, the new infantry from PSC are absolutely fantastic, and super cheap as well.  The vehicles are also beautiful, cheap, and they go together easy (if I can do it, anyone can do it!).  So that's where I'm at with my giant 15mm WWII British and German project.  I look forward to continuing to make progress and maybe get a game in sometime around 2027...

Anyway, thanks for looking.